Lullaby Factory by Studio Weave

Hackney-based Studio Weave has constructed a network of listening pipes in a back courtyard of London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital to create a secret factory of lullabies for children.

Designed by artists Maria Smith and Je Ahn of Studio Weave, Lullaby Factory is meant to be a secret place that provides pure entertainment for patients, their parents, and the hospital staff.

The architects were inspired by the messy pipes and drainage systems that already cover the surface of the brick walls. Instead of covering them up, they chose to add to them with a wide-spanning framework of pipes and horns.

Sound artist Jessica Curry composed the soundtrack of lullabies, which are played out through each of the pipes. To listen in, patients and staff can place an ear over one of the listening pipes beside the canteen. The music is also transmitted via a radio frequency, so patients on the wards can tune in too.

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