Lumen Series by Adam Frank

Currently designing art installations for many sites around the world, the artist and product inventor Adam Frank is also the creator of one of the MoMA Store’s best-selling items called Lumen: a shadow casting oil lamp…



Adam’s first completely independent product, Lumen has been featured in the New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Dwell and USA Today. Made entirely in the USA, the Lumen Series come with two types in order to their light source. Lumen LED is a stainless steel shadow projector and nightlight with a LED lamp that provides an organic flicker and an atmospheric shadow. The second one is called Lumen Flame, an acid-etched, stainless steel, oil lamp shadow projector…

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AOL_Lumen_Adam_Frank_13 AOL_Lumen_Adam_Frank_12 AOL_Lumen_Adam_Frank_11 AOL_Lumen_Adam_Frank_10 AOL_Lumen_Adam_Frank_09 AOL_Lumen_Adam_Frank_08 AOL_Lumen_Adam_Frank_07 AOL_Lumen_Adam_Frank_06 AOL_Lumen_Adam_Frank_05 AOL_Lumen_Adam_Frank_04 AOL_Lumen_Adam_Frank_03 AOL_Lumen_Adam_Frank_02


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