Macro Photonomics 101

If you are familiar with cell phones at least -let’s say- for a decade, we are quite sure that you’ve realized the biggest differences between the designs: The size and the hardware!

Except some concept designs like Casio G-Shock, the cell phones of today are fragile than ever. Thus, we cannot apply any heavy accesories at all! On the other hand, the latest models are always come with revolutionary specs like the power of the built-in camera.

But, how about a real macro experience?


Made by Easy Macro, the Photojojo has introduced their latest gadget to its humble followers:

The Easy Macro Cell Band for Smart Phone!

With its basic design, this rubber-boy is a quick and easy way of macro photos on your phone. It gives you incredibly detailed photos with its sharp focus!

No matter what is the size or the thickness of your cell phone, it fits on any cell phone. Its band is sturdy, so when not in use (and the times that you are not launching it to each other) you can store it with an included card in your wallet. Or for short periods of time, you can keep it on your wrist!

We don’t know how is your connection with your fellow cell phone, but we think that this gadget is worth giving a chance!

Who knows? If you are good and patient enough, maybe one day the ants of Andrey Pavlov will come and see you!

Source: Photojojo

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