Maison L

The Maison L, designed by Christian Pottgiesser and artist Pascale Thomas Pottgiesser, comprise of five towers connected by a concrete canopy, forming roof terraces among them and shared living areas for the family underneath. The towers are clad in white cement and framed by pine boards, while a dry stone wall wraps around the ground floor. The house for a family of six is situated on a 5,000 square meter site; on a small hill less than half an hour’s drive west from Paris (France) city center. The flat ground to some extent tilts to the north, just before the general topography drops abruptly to the Seine River. The owners planned for the orangery to be enlarged by placing the private residential areas into an extension, while the communal areas such as the reception, office and service areas would remain in the existing building.


Please visit project’s gallery for more images.

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