MAXXI of Rome Is One Year Old

Roma’nın MAXXI’si Bir Yaşında

Rome is a city of history and art. An open-air museum full of masterpieces… In the end of narrow streets, small squares may welcome you with one of the amazing fountains of Bernini; or the time may fly by while watching a sculpture by Michelangelo. Just a year ago, the Italia’s first nation-wide contemporary museum of art and architecture was built in Rome.

The city, which tries to catch up with today with the museum building and the”works” exhibited inside, blinks to the future as well. The architect of contemporary art museum MAXXI is the world-renown Zaha Hadid.

MAXXI was opened with two separate ceremony held on May 27 and May 28 last year. One of the opening exhibitions even included”Mezopotamya Dramaturjileri” by Kutluğ Ataman. MAXXI had 74.000 visitors in its first month. And the number of visitors for the last year is 500.000 as they mentioned in the announcement made for first anniversary of the museum. Speaking about the numbers, MAXXI costed Italy 150 million Euros. Last few years, Italian architects and archaeologists discuss about the insufficient preservation of historical heritage and the budget allocated for restorations. Especially a year ago, the money spent for this museum fired up the discussions.

On the other hand, MAXXI lives up to its name. The name MAXXI, which is formed by putting `21` in Roman numerals (XXI) and the first letters of `Modern` and `Art` together means `large` and it is a very large museum that you`ll never realize from the outside. MAXXI was built on an area of 29.000 meters suqare… Sum of its interior space is 21.640 m2 and of exhibiton areas is 10.000 m2. Considering the ticket income of€ 2,600,000 a year, we can say it met an important need. Because the Italian government drew much reaction for decreasing the budget of 2.1 billion for culture down to 1.72 billion due the expenses of MAXXI, this is still far from meeting the controversial expenses. At this point, the officials in the museum seem pleased with the interest and new projects are being carried out… Until now. MAXXI`s permanent colleciton has included 350 contemporary artwork and 75.000 architectural drawing. To follow the news. visit

Besides the works exhibited, the building of MAXXI, which was chosen as the World Building of the Year in World Architectural Festival in 2010, is unusual as well. Walking areas formed with spiral stair and slopes used in the interior are quite impressive. You see another surprise in every new floor and this makes you feel like in a labyrinth which doesn`t cause claustrophobia. It`s Hadid`s mastery that you can tour exhibitions comfortably even when it`s crowded enough to disturb you…


Zaha Hadid:“Almost half a million people have visited MAXX in its first year.What it means is that the local community has also taken very Encouraging MAXX to using as a new Roman piazza.MAXX is no longer just a museum – it has become part of Rome’s urban fabric.”

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