On Sunday, I will be where I haven’t been for years. You wonder where? It’s Kemancı, the temple of rock and metal music in Turkey. But, this time, I won’t be there to listen to music, but to visit an exhibition! 57 photographs featuring local and foreign rock stars by Mehmet Turgut will take the stage on Sunday.

The exhibition sponsored by Jack Daniel’s will be available on between July 31 and August 10. It consists of photos of many bands and artists; from the king of Rock’n Roll, Alice Cooper to Ozzy Osbourne and Metallica… Apocalyptica, Slayer, Erkin Koray, Aslı Gökyokuş, Aylin Aslım, Erdem Yener, Teoman,Özge Fışkın, Yüksek Sadakat, Hayko Cepkin, Koray Candemir, Manga, Melis Danişmend, Mirkelam, Nejat Yavaşoğulları, Kargo, Ogün Sanlısoy, Redd, Sakin, SerkanÇeliköz, Yasemin Mori, Nikkiwild, Badem, Zagabad and many favorite name’s photos will be on display.

Ozzy Osbourne Photo© by Mehmet Turgut

In music world, Jazz artists are often photographed and exhibited. There was many exhibitions on jazz in previous years. Thus, faces of Rock’n Roll have a further meaning in the respect of being a first. And if it is Mehmet Turgut who photographed them…then what we will see is going to be sensational.

Yuksek Sadakat by Mehmet Turgut

Mehmet Turgut comes from a family who have been photographers for the last 3 generations, which is also a factor on his success. His father Ahmet Turgut said in an interview:

“In our family, nobody taught photography to each other. It was same with Mehmet, too. He came to the workshop, worked and saw how things work. Nobody told him how to do something.”

It seems to be Mehmet Turgut have learnt everything by observing. This reminds me my mother. Grandmother of my mother used to tell her:“Be an eye thief”…“Observe what is done how!” The knowledge of someone is not what you give, but is what he/she gets.

Well, I am not done with Mehmet Turgut; I hope I will write more about him another day… Now it’s exhibition time!

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