Melting Vases On Stones

The project is an exploration of the relationship between geometric and organic forms – transparent and opaque. Indefinite melting materia interacts with definite angular forms and gravity determines the relationship in between.

Indefinite Vases designed by Studio E.O (Erik Olovsson) are sculptures or containers. Functional or decorative. The contrast between the cut stone and the form of the hand blown glass emphasizes the relation between space and object, an interplay between a fragile material and its solid counterpart.

The vases are produced by Galerie Kreo and it is possible to buy the products on this website. The prices are requested by the buyers and the producer sends an e-mail. If you want to learn how much do the vases, you can select ““Price Request”.

Materials: Portoro Marble, Amarillo Macael Marble, Pink Onyx, Azul Bahia Granite, Rosa Norvegia Marble & Hand blown glass.
Photo: Gustav Almestål

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