“Memorial House Todor Proeski” in Krushevo; A PopStar Memorial

Project Name:Memorial House Todor Proeski
Client/ Developer:Ministry of Culture, Goverment of Republic of Macedonia
Professional Credits:Lead Architect:Mr Dejan Sekulovski,Syndicate studio, Macedonia
Structural Engineer/ Environmental Engineer/ Interior Designer: Syndicate studio, Macedonia
Supplier/ Product Credits
Acoustic ceiling – StoSilent Panel:Sto AG, Austria
Air-conditioning and heating:Mitsubishi Electrici Japan
Aluminium facade: Schuco International KG, Germany
Epoxy floor:Sto AG, Austria
Greenroof:ZinCo, Germany
StoLotusan Facade: Sto AG, Austria


National institution“Memorial House Todor Proeski” in Krushevo, is build in memory of late Macedonian singer who died in car crush 4 years ago. His name means nothing to most of the Europe, but international media reported the sudden death of the 26 year-old pop star which plunged the Balkans into mourning. One of the most popular pop icons in the entire Balkans region the Macedonian government named an honorary citizen for his exceptional achievements in the arts and humanitarian work. In addition to his music career, Proeski had contributed heavily to humanitarian actions and besides a winner of Mother Theresa award, he was a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations children’s agency,UNICEF.


The given location for this project with the surrounding elements on this hilly, indigenous landscape tell the story of Macedonian’s painful journey to freedom. The greatest challenge posed by the project, (in addition to the demanding surrounding with historical heritage) is to propose form complements and highlights the whole space.


Spatial Concept
The idea of the project is to create simple, clean and monumental compositions. Vertical and horizontal elements form the sculptural composition that is the main element of the whole concept. The solution gives the modern form with a great opportunity for interactive communication with the visitors, not burdensome in any way the existing monuments of culture in the surrounding area. The greatest emphasis is the fact that the space is treated without pretension, with a pronounced functionality. Recognizing the logic of space, the proper combination of volume, materials, colors, and their harmonious relationship, is just a few elements of which we give a proper attention. Fifth facade recast – arises from the park environment avoiding distortion of the site silhouette.



Materialization and form
The main feature that makes the project a recognizable, distinctive, different, are two characteristic movements: full and empty, light and dark, solid and soft, front and rear. Materialization of the object is made with the division of the contours of the building in two silhouettes: closed – a massive and open – glass. Constructive solution applied to the object used two type constructions: concrete canvas for greater (solid) cube, and steel frame construction for the smaller (transparent) cube.


The house presents itself with gentle slope that leads down to the entrance. Functional design of the space are planned to take place on two levels with two axes of motion. The first in direction of entrance and exit in which is placed exhibition space, and second axis recognized by means of a common glass shell cube in which is place for common public function: gift shop, music room and cafeteria which is associated with upper outdoor terrace. Communication with the upper level for visitors is over the access ramp that allows the visitor to move in a loop between the two levels. Exit from the building is from the upper level, which is at same time ground level of location.


Photos:Dejan Sekulovski

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