Metal Peel for your iPhone!



We all have the awareness of the worldwide maddness for Apple iPhone! With its wide selection of applications, games and unique milky-white headphones, nowadays it’s impossible to ignore the presencence of the Apple’s wonder boy. And it’s certain that the most common and desirable accessory for this device is a cover with an artistic touch.


MetalliCoveris the thinniest and lightest metal shield&cover manufactured up to now. It has only 0.5 mm thickness and weighing less then 20 gr. The application of the cover is just like the other. You just have to be sure that you’ve wiped your device clean, ensure the phone is dry and free of any debris or residue, then remove the protective film from the back of themetalliCoverand apply it to your iPhone. With 2 options of finishing, silver and gold, themetalliCovers are already ready for the show!


Adi Fainer is the designer behind all these artistic touch with the copyright of them. Apart from the unique and wide variety of beautiful designs, the company makes custom designs as well. But–for now-metalliCovers don’t have any shop or such store, except their official website. They accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or regular account payments all through PayPal. Items (that are in stock) can be shipped within 1-2 working days and arrive between 2-4 weeks. If yourmetalliCover is supposed to be a gift or requires special attention during shipping, you can leave a note along with your purchase. After all, there is no possibility to see those designs on an other cell phone brand. The reason is simple; because they are all specifically designed to shield just for iPhone 4/4s!

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