Method Contemporary Dance Company/Los Angeles

Method is a Los Angeles based contemporary dance company that relishes the off-center state, lives in a high-speed world, and disregards the moment of recovery, preferring instead the moment of sheer abandon. 

The aesthetic of method is one where the human body resides as sole communicator and is stripped of artifice: no spoken word or text, no video projection or multi-media display, no play-acting: just pure, high velocity, idiosyncratic, unbridled movement and momentum.

Duration: 60m/ 2007
Dancers: jay bartley sidnie charnaw nicole coxjessica harper bradley michaud
Concept: All that crap we don’t like to talk about


Duration: 7m/ 2005
jay bartley bradley michaud
Concept: A lazy duet for two men,
about pretty much nothing… just a bunch of fast tricks and stuff


Duration: 30m/ 2008
Dancers: chelsea asman,nicole cox,jessica harper,stephanie jamieson,kalani mcmanus,karen reynolds
Concept: A group work about becoming”happy” thanks to Lexapro and Sierra Nevada,Pale Ale

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