MEZE 88 classics by Antonio Meze

‘MEZE’ series – wood audiophile headphones was established as a personal project of the industrial designer Antonio Meze, as a personal project. But after the prototypes came out, it was soon decided that it would be a shame to keep them away from the market.

The MEZE Headphones are not only good looking but also offer a warm and natural sound due to its construction and wood housing.

The series have a practical and ergonomic design features like folding headbands for transportation and suspension pads for comfort.

3 models are available in the range of MEZE series: MEZE 88 Classics: out top of the range headphones created for audiophiles and music enthusiasts. MEZE 76 Classics: A distinct sound and style in the mid sized headphones range. MEZE 55 Classics: the most portable “on ears” headphones combines high audio quality with portability and style.

All three models are the combination of audio quality and aesthetics.

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