Miami Beach Residence by Luis Bosch

U.S. Home builder Luis Bosch has constructed this luxury house in Miami Beach, Florida, U.S.A.

The two storey house is located nearby the sea with a stunning view of the sea side and the city scenery of the shore across from its every room and space.

The residence has a small dock for a boat parking just infront of the swimming pool, which is almost reaching the sea.

The ground floor of the house is designed as a whole-in-one living space with an open plan form: a kitchen, dining and a social area.

Through its slidable glass system, whole wall facing the sea side has been turned into a giant frame to enjoy the amazing sight.

In both ends of the house, there’s plenty of palm trees and green gardens.

The interior staircase is composed out of wood, glass and metal– a complementary to the structure of the house – connects ground floor to the upper floor, a space where private rooms and bathrooms are positioned.

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