Mike Esparza and his Picasso Superheroes

Influenced by Chuck Close, Andy Warhol, Rachel Esparza, Alex Ross, Picasso and the comics,Mike Esparzais one of the three musketeers of WonderBros

As his codename, the Paint Wonder, he had a long career as a ninja, underwear model, and a Navy Seal but he is currently masking his dark past with a career of a tax paying painter. Like everyone, he has to pay his bills and buy expensive toys to his evil twin. So, while having a moment of clarity, in that single second, he sketched, painted, photographed, uploaded and inspired a middle school art teacher who developed a lesson plan for her students inspired by this series!

Real superheroes walk among us people… So, let’s take a look to this exrteordinary series!

PS: The inpired middle school art teacher is a real story! It’s in here!

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