The first exhibition of an international artist at x-ist “Mind the Gap” by the Brasilian street artist DECOLIFE (or Deco) will take place between 30 November – 21 December, 2013.

Andre’ Ruiz de Freitas, also known as DECOLIFE, is a street artist working and living in London.

He studied electronics for two years in Sao Paulo, where he was born, before he traveled to different cities of the world to draw graffiti and meet other street artists.

In 2010, the artist had his first exhibition at the Amart Gallery in Tatui-Sao Paulo where he acquired the street name DECOLIFE. In 2011, the Deco worked with “Mapa Cultural Paulista” (Paulista Cultural Map) and had exhibitions in different cities of Brasil. He also took place in Contemporary Istanbul 2013.

DECOLIFE, whose works are in different cities all around the world, will present his graffiti work on the walls of x-ist in his first show in Istanbul.

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