“Minuskull” By Kuntzel and Deygas

MinuSkull is a design object made for a high-quality sound experience at home or in the office designed by the famous creative illustrator coupleKuntzel+Deygas from France. You might remember Kuntzel+Deygas from the famous opening titles for the Steven Spielberg’s movie“Catch me if you can”. The creative couple now stepped into product design with”MinuSkull”, cool little skull shaped speakers.


Its extraordinary Hi-Fi system creates a perfect sound without any distortion, even when the volume is very low. MinuSkull can be connected to any source of sound (Ipod, mp3, computer,…). The better the source the more you can enjoy MinuSkull’s high-quality sound and using 5 MinuSkulls creates the basis of a Home Cinema Sound System (a subwoofer should be added in this case). You can buy this cool product here;


Certainly, I also want to share the amazing movie title squence of”Catch Me If You Can” By Kuntzel+Deygas;

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