MIPIM 2011 Green Buildings Award Winner – 3M Italy

MIPIM, the largest and most prestigious real estate show was organized in France, Cannes last week at the Palais des Festivals. The 22nd edition of the international property market has also announced the “MIPIM Awards” in 7 different categories.

21 projects qualified for the finals out of a total of 100 projects from 27 countries. The three nominees for the“Green Building” category were 3M Headquarters from Italy, Deutche Bank Towers from Germany andLevent Ofis from Turkey.

The Levent Office project has been designed and developed as a green building, with many environmental friendly applications; as well as an additional energy saving of 35% when compared to other buildings in compliance with energy consumption standards, a fact that has also been proven by many simulations. Levent Office, the first office building in the business center of Istanbul to have a LEED certification in the Shell& Core category, has unfortunately lost against 3M Headquarters building by Pirelli Real Estate in Italy,which has received the MIPIM award.

The office building in Pioltello region near Milano was designed by Mario Cucinella Architect. It has 10,300m2 of office space and it’s 105m in length and 21m in width.

The form and orientation of the building allows optimal environmental control. The north, east and west facades have specially designed glazing and shading systems. The south face of the building steps creates a series of terraces that provide shaded outdoor space for the office workers. The terraces act as an environmental buffer space protecting the building from extreme temperatures in both summer and winter.

Environmental analysis of the building in context led to the choice of an active solution for the roof and facades. Photovoltaics are integrated into the design and produce energy while providing the building with a shimmering technological aesthetic look.

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