Mirror Mirror, Where Is The House, I Wonder?

An invisible house in the middle of a great view… The house is an interesting structure as if it is concealed in the great landscape thanks to its façade made entirely out of reflective glass: Mirror House.

The house designed by Johan Selbing Architecture and Anouk Vogel is as compact as possible, with the option to adapt to different lifestyles.
There is a secret window at the street façade behind the glass panels with a view of neighboring plots and the interior offers long sight lines to make the house feel much larger.

aol-mirror-house-johan-selbing-architects-living-room aol-mirror-house-johan-selbing-architects-04 aol-mirror-house-johan-selbing-architects-03 aol-mirror-house-johan-selbing-architects-02 aol-mirror-house-johan-selbing-architects-01

Project details:
Location: De eenvoud, Almere, Netherlands
Project team: Johan Selbing, Anouk Vogel
Size: 120 m2
Images courtesy of Johan Selbing Architecture

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