Mistral Wine and Champagne Bar by Studio Arthur Casas

Brazil based international architecture practice Studio Arthur Casas designed the Mistral Wine and Champagne Bar in São Paulo, Brazil.

Mistral Wine and Champagne Bar is an innovative store, most of the sales are done through the internet. Architects have conceived a space that would showcase the wine in a recreational way, justifying the physical presence of the client, attracting both new customers and connoisseurs.

The bottles are exposed in different manners according to the spaces, becoming a constant texture in the store.

An interactive table was designed to showcase a monthly selection of wines, sensors underneath each bottle allows the related content to be projected in the table screen. The bottle becomes a cursor, as one twists it the information pops up such as location, interviews with producers, notations, etc.

The program contains a sales space, cellar, storage, interactive gallery, reading room and wine tasting.

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