Modernism Along With Functionality…

The residence located in Ereğli, is designed to fulfill all needs of a large household. From the initial stage of the Project to the building stage, the residence was completed in approximately 1,5 year. This four storey apartment house is located on a hill which has a fascinating harbor landscape. The floor area of the apartment is 410 square meters and the interior decoration is designed byID design. The apartment has 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, a lavatory for guests, a laundry room, a cellar, a kitchen and a saloon. One of the bedrooms is used as master bedroom; it includes parent’s bathroom and a vestry. Moreover, the saloon includes a space which can be used as a workspace or resting place, in addition, the saloon is opened towards a terrace with an outstanding landscape.

The household who enjoys life and hosting friends at every turn decided to renovate their home for a larger and more functional place, so they can host all their friends.“ID Design” decorated the house upon the householder’s request in a modern way but also turned their house into a vibrant, warm place. The illumination of saloon is one of the points which was emphasized by the householder, so the saloon is decorated with lighting armaments which were selected according to householder’s will.

The functionality was given priority in all rooms while designing fixed furniture such as TV unit, hallstand, consoles, wardrobes in bedrooms and bathrooms by the architect. Thanks to the positioning of the building and the design aiming to benefit sunlight at maximum rate in the day, the house is very sunlit in daytime, and to have the same bright comfort at nights the illumination is constructed with all diligence.

The living room is styled with the modern designs which are made of wood, stainless steel and stained glass together, and the dominant color became white. The place gained dynamism with the colors of the furniture, wall paper and wooden stuff. While a tranquil and comfortable place is aimed in guest bedrooms, the workspace is rather plain and decorated in an aim-oriented sense. The modern sense of the workspace is warmed with a traditional Turkish couch set.

The unit separating the entrance hall from the saloon was also designed by ID Design and the unit was combined with the suspension system by Molteni&C.

The TV unit in the saloon which was redesigned in coherence with the place is noteworthy; however, it doesn’t reveal its storage function. Generally, the place is designed considering the emptiness proportion: the sitting set is placed in front of the TV unit randomly. While leaving the saloon for the terrace with a panoramic view, there is also a sitting set by Mudo Concept.

The sofas and chairs in the saloon were bought from Casa, however, the body color and furnishings of old sitting set and wing chairs were renewed and placed in front of the window. The armchair is by Morosso, the illuminations by Artemide and Prestij Mobilya. Ornaments are also by Derishow Mimarca and Hiref.

Both in master bedroom and parent’s bathroom, calmness is obtained with green color; moreover dusky-colored mirror and walnut veneer creates a sense of continuation and coherence. So as to maintain roominess of this large place, the wardrobes are hidden by inserting into the alcoves. The illuminations of the room are by Habitat.

In the kitchen a functional usage area is created with long worktops. Storage problem is fairly resolved with tall cupboards. Thanks to the island type kitchen, there is a longer and more functional usage area. Putting the refrigerator behind glass alcoves enables more a spectacular view. Kitchen stuff is by Lineadecor and chairs are by Nuxx.

One of the guest rooms which is designed for little grandchild is colored up with wall paper on one wall. The rocking chair and the illumination are by Mozaik Design. The sitting set is designed considering the roof pitch and by pulling it turns into a bed.

The illumination of guest rooms is by Mozaik design. Moreover a space to watch the sky is created thanks to the sunroof.

The guest baths were designed upon the householder’s request. Baths are decorated with teakwood in addition to that they are ornamented with mirrors and wall paper and ceramics of Istanbul serial by Vitra.

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