Molly Hatch’s Plates

The Windows through which we look at the world, the walls around us… How different the images that we create in our minds even if wee look at the same view… It is possible to assume the snowflakes are the art themselves or they are the patterns of the huge blanket covering the nature. As if the possibilty of thinking the walls as handicaps in front of us or the things making us feel safe…

All these visual and perceptional differences gain new perspectives, this is the art! Reinterpreting the simple daily objects makes them unique, this is the artist doing this! Just as Molly Hatch. She is creating a spectatular installation by painting and putting together the ceramic plates which we see as simple objects helping us putting our meals.

All the motives on those plates are telling their own stories and make us live the historical faiences with the familiar blues, charcoals with the shades of gray, the spring with the reds and greens in a different perspective.

We prepared a journey with the colorful and marvellous collections of Molly Hatch that have been shown in different worldwide art activities such as Art Miami, London Design Festival, MFA Boston etc.




Recite measures 11ft wide by 5ft tall and is composed of 200 hand-thrown and hand-painted plates inspired by the 18th century floral textile.

Physic Garden



The largest enstallation consisting of 475 plates that Molly Hatch created… We highly recommend you to watch the enjoyable video showing the process of Physic Garden:

2013 London Design Festival




Each collection tells their life stories, can you hear them?

Covet Project



New Blue and White




According to us, it is possible for you to get inspiration from these installations when you need some decoration ideas for your houses, create your own installation. If you want, you can read the article named Plates On The Walls including the tips to vivify your walls and create a new atmosphere.

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