Moon Crib by Creme Anglaise

Created by Emilie Costis, Creme Anglaise is an active product design website till 2008 while she was waiting for her little boy, Mael. But different from those websites that are highly commercialized and professional, it’s their day to day life that inspires them to create Creme Anglaise’s products during their peaceful life in the South of France with friends and family around. And so far, Emilie and her husband Jocelyn Costis (who is a furniture maker) have various types of homemade furniture and accessories for their lovely kids; Mael and Heidi…
Today, we would like to introduce you their cosy crib: The Moon.

AOL_Moon_Crib_01 AOL_Moon_Crib_02 AOL_Moon_Crib_03 AOL_Moon_Crib_04 AOL_Moon_Crib_05 AOL_Moon_Crib_06 AOL_Moon_Crib_07

For more information about this cute family, please visit their website:

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