Mossy Tortoise by Katie Bradley

As an illustrator, artist, and tortoise enthusiast, Katie Bradley has become as maybe the first and the only tortoise cozy designer after her troubled times of finding her own tortoises around her little yard.
As she says, that hobby started as a fun little joke that became really popular, and then went viral online.

Katie Bradley has just added a bunch of different tortoise cozy listings to her Etsy shop that she created to bring joy to other tortoise and reptile fans. I sell a variety of tortoise related art and accessories.

By the way, 10% of her income from this shop is donated to International Reptile Rescue in Canby, Oregon each month.

So here they are:
For more:

AOL_MossyTortoise_Valentines_Heart AOL_MossyTortoise_Taco AOL_MossyTortoise_Stegosaurus AOL_MossyTortoise_Shark_Fin AOL_MossyTortoise_Shamrock AOL_MossyTortoise_Santa_Hat AOL_MossyTortoise_Rocket_Ship AOL_MossyTortoise_Roasted_Turkey AOL_MossyTortoise_Reindeer AOL_MossyTortoise_Red_Crabby_Crab AOL_MossyTortoise_Red_Apple AOL_MossyTortoise_Rainbow_Dragon AOL_MossyTortoise_Plain AOL_MossyTortoise_Orange_Pumpkin AOL_MossyTortoise_Lady_Bug AOL_MossyTortoise_Football AOL_MossyTortoise_Flower AOL_MossyTortoise_Feathered_Turkey AOL_MossyTortoise_Easter_Bunny AOL_MossyTortoise_Christmas_Tree AOL_MossyTortoise_Bumble_Bee AOL_MossyTortoise_Bull's_Eye AOL_MossyTortoise_Bull_Frog AOL_MossyTortoise_Birthday_Candle

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