Muoto²: Mikko Kentta and Kirsi Pasanen

Muoto²  (direct translation“Form²”) is a Finnish product design and joinery company founded by designers Mikko Kentta and Kirsi Pasanen.

 They are working on new design projects and custom handcrafted furniture. They are also interested in exhibition design.

They design and manufacture a variety of home furniture and small objects on request. 
They are constantly looking for new retailers and manufacturers. 

Their premises are located in Lahti, Finland, but they can work anywhere in Finland if needed.
 Let’s see some of their products…

C-Lamp is made of cotton and the light is LED. The lamp rests on a simple innovation that allows the height adjustment infinitely variable. Parts of the sliding wedge-shaped beam can be steplessly adjusted.

Pompula is designed mainly for the kids but it is suitable for many other purposes too. The stool is steady and safe for the use of children. There is also a table in the same product family.

 Solid birch, lacquered/painted, five different colours


You can draw numbers or customize your Kiekko -wall clock. There is a chalk on every black Kiekko packet for customizing the hours… There is two colour options and one-year warranty.

The design-duo works with 4 years old, Mio Malmi for an exhibition Design from&for kids. Children can sit high by Tikapuutuoli… There is a red-back and a little bit of yellow.
To reach the products Muoto² designed, use the link.

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