Muscular Wisdom

Last January, in the hi-tech storm of CES 2012, Casio has unveiled their last G-Shock device. But now, it serves a smarter bit different purpose…

We have to admit that it is just a prototype. But whatever it is, it surely seems marvelous! This new G-Shock armored smart phone is planned to be operated with Android OS. It has a shock resistant to 3 meters, a water resistant to 1.0 bar (10m) and last, a pressure resistant to 1 ton!

With the protection of a metal caseback, its plastic/ resin construction will challenge all of his kins that are not smart enough to resist any physical threat!

Cannot wait to test it in the wilderness!

Don’t delay it too much and take my money Casio! ASAP!

Via: G-Shockzone

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