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As we all know, the gadgets are small tools and devices such as machines those have a particular or various functions. They mostly serve us on our daily lives but nowadays; they became the constant guests to our homes. Beyond the technology and science beneath them, these new techno-domestic devices are helps us out for the problems of the new-era.

Till the beginning of Architecture of Life, we have always would like to introduce some of them to you. Let’s have a look once again

WORX WX254L SD Semi-Automatic Power Screw Driver with 12 Driving Bits

Strange idea based and applied on a familiar shape and system of usage. This cordless screwdriver with 12 different bits included has surely inspired from a semi-automatic gun with old-school ‘magazines’ those can be fulfilled, so we never lose any bits. Supposedly…

WORX WX254L SD Semi-Automatic Power Screw Driver with 12 Driving Bits

Powered by long-lasting (18 hours) four-volt maximum (but not removable) lithium-ion battery, WORX WX254L has also a little LED light on the handle to illuminate a screw head. It weights nearly 1 kilogram and has a three-year limited warranty. Small, light and seems effective when properly used!

 Dyson DC44 Animal Digital Slim MK2

“Are you for real?”

To be honest with you, the only fact that held my trust on the efficiency of this device was its brand. But as I kept on digging data about it, I realized that it is just as it was written: The most power-efficient cordless vacuum.

Dyson DC44 Animal Digital Slim MK2

As it is specified under the stunning commercial video, the Dyson Digital Slim™ lightweight (2.3 kg) cordless vacuum cleaners are engineered for nimble, high performance cleaning. With their light aluminium wand reaches from floor to ceiling and can be detached for up-close tasks and their balanced weight distribution, it is now much more easier to clean the higher, lower, hard-to-reach and in-between spaces. And the motorized floor tool with carbon fiber brushes! Pet and small apartment owners, those info are also for you! Dyson DC44 is developed with an improved 22.2V nickel manganese cobalt battery that increases its run time to 20 minutes!

Light, flexible, easy-to attach’n remove, fast, efficient and multitask! A handful of superior features and design. Capability and efficiency at its finest. We hope you like it too!


iNeed Neck and Shoulder Pro Massager with Heat

This neck and shoulder massager is a bit different from its kin. We all know how hard and trying is to massage the hard-to-reach neck, shoulder and back muscles. iNeed Neck and Shoulder Pro Massager with Heat is now here to help with its vigorous, rhythmic percussion massager penetration for aching muscles to relieve the tightness form our back!

iNeed Neck and Shoulder Pro Massager with Heat

It has three massage programs as Energize, Pulse and Soothe. It is simple to operate with variable speed options and wraps comfortably around your neck and shoulders. You can easily use the handles to move the massager up and down your back. With or without heat, all you need is to target and find the problem spot!

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