Narcissus Desk: Be Careful While Looking!

Sebastian Errazuriz, an artist and designer who we follow regularly has just shared his latest project ‘Narcissa Desk’ project with Architecture of Life team.

Narcissus Desk is the project of refurbished and modified antique French desk circa 1880: Mirror, bronze and wood. The desk is a continuation of his functional sculptures (please click here to see the collection) , which invite the viewer to look again at everyday objects, spaces and situations.


The Narcissus desk was originally inspired by Caravaggio’s painting of Narcissus* that Sebastian remembers seeing as a child with his father, an art teacher, while on a trip to Italy. The artist explains: 
“I was struck by the idea that someone could see their reflection and yet not be aware they were looking at themselves. I believe today we are becoming like Narcissus; so obsessed with our own perfectly edited online self that we forget to be aware of the real “me” outside the screen.”


The desk wishes to offer the user a moment of reflection, a moment of thought at the one space where we make most of our important decisions in life. In order to fabricate the desk, Sebastian found a broken down French Desk from circa 1880, which he then completely restored. He cut into the original desk with a semi circumference to allow the user to now fit inside the desk. The original top was replaced with a mirror.

Narcissus-Desk-03 Narcissus-Desk-01 Narcissus-Desk-10 Narcissus-Desk-08 Narcissus-Sketch Narcissus-Sketch-1

*(This is one of only two known Caravaggios on a theme from Classical mythology, although this reflects the accidents of survival rather than the historical reality. The story of Narcissus, told by the poet Ovid in his Metamorphoses, is of a handsome youth who falls in love with his own reflection. Unable to tear himself away, he dies of his passion, and even when crossing the Styx, keeps looking at his own reflection (Metamorphoses 3:339-510)

P.S. We wrote an article about the taxidermy lamps (the animals died from natural causes) of Sebastian Errazuriz. If you want to read the article and see thoose projects, please click here.

Images: S. Errazuriz

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