Nature Says: You are Guilty!

One of the numerous harms that we, human beings, give to the nature while we benefit the facilities of it… Endangered animals… Of course problems occur in the ecology itself. But we are guilty, too; conscious and unconscious harms to the vulnerable kinds, hunting to make accesories from their leather and fur etc…

As these facts are disturbing nearly everyone, one of us is doing something. He is protesting these harms and he attracts attention and informs with the method he selected.
Rohan Chhabra… He designed the hunting jackets transforming them into animal presentations in order to remind the harms to the animals and the nature. He criticises the act of slaying a living creature for a decorative accessory, a trophy . Rather than condemning the hunter outright, he enables us to recognise the hunter in ourselves.

Saiga Antelope

Hunter Jacket : Saiga Antelope from Rohan Chhabra on Vimeo.

aol-rohan-chhabra-saiga-antelope-01 aol-rohan-chhabra-saiga-antelope-02 aol-rohan-chhabra-saiga-antelope-03 aol-rohan-chhabra-saiga-antelope-04 aol-rohan-chhabra-saiga-antelope-05


Asian Elephant

Hunter Jacket : Asian Elephant from Rohan Chhabra on Vimeo.

aol-rohan-chhabra-asian-elephant-01 aol-rohan-chhabra-asian-elephant-02 aol-rohan-chhabra-asian-elephant-03 aol-rohan-chhabra-asian-elephant-04 aol-rohan-chhabra-asian-elephant-05



Hunter Jacket : Mountain Gorilla from Rohan Chhabra on Vimeo.

aol-rohan-chhabra-gorilla-01 aol-rohan-chhabra-gorilla-02 aol-rohan-chhabra-gorilla-03 aol-rohan-chhabra-gorilla-04 aol-rohan-chhabra-gorilla-05



Hunter Jacket : Rhino from Rohan Chhabra on Vimeo.

aol-rohan-chhabra-rhino-01 aol-rohan-chhabra-rhino-02 aol-rohan-chhabra-rhino-03 aol-rohan-chhabra-rhino-04 aol-rohan-chhabra-rhino-05



Hunter Jacket : Tiger from Rohan Chhabra on Vimeo.

aol-rohan-chhabra-tiger-01 aol-rohan-chhabra-tiger-02 aol-rohan-chhabra-tiger-03 aol-rohan-chhabra-tiger-04 aol-rohan-chhabra-tiger-05



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