Nebula Bath Towels and Rugs

In 2010 designers Nadja Stäubli and David Schönen founded Schönstaub in Zurich, Switzerland. After restructuring Nadja Stäubli continues to work with a creative team. From the beginning, premium quality in aesthetics and material has been first priority. Carpets and bath towels are created in collaboration with leading manufacturing enterprises. Together, they develop products that incorporate photorealistic motives, graphic elements or fine drawings.

Nebula Bath Towels and Rugs are the collection including artistic and visual designs. To see the nebulas on these designs surprised and amazed us, who are the followers of the best and newest designs.

Nebula Bath Towels

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Nebula Rugs

aol-nebula-rugs-schînstaub-01 aol-nebula-rugs-schînstaub-02 aol-nebula-rugs-schînstaub-04 aol-nebula-rugs-schînstaub-03

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