Nelson House; More Than Expectations

The house on the sloping site overlooking Nelson City was designed for a young family. The house is within walking distance to town center.


A tall two storey steel form hugs the south access way with milk laminate windows while the north side it is open to the sun and garden culminating in an outdoor room. The comprehensive landscaping should actualize more expectations.


Passive solar principles; solar hot water heating, generous insulation, and natural materials together with more sophisticated means, such as an air to water heat pump to heat the house are used. All of these features makes it an energy efficient and eco-friendly house.

aol-kerr-ritchie-nelson-house-04 aol-kerr-ritchie-nelson-house-05

Photographs: Paul McCredie

Architect: Kerr Ritchie

Location: Nelson, New Zealand

Design Team: Pete Ritchie, Bronwen Kerr

Area: 290 sqm

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