New Parisian Structures of Paris

When you go to Paris, you will of course see one of the first Gothic cathedrals, Notre Dame;Panthéon among the earliest examples of neoclassical architecture; Arc de Triomphe which opens to the Champs-Elysées avenue; Garnier Opera Building as one of the best examples of eclectic architecture. You will adore them. You will enjoy having a walk in Parc De La Villette, designe by the French architect Bernard Tschumi with deconstructivist elements. After thePhilharmonie de Paris project which takes place in the park designed by famous French architect Jean Nouvel is completed, Paris will be even more beautiful… You will be amazed withLouvre Museum, Eiffel Tower and Basilica of Sacre Coueur which was inspired by Haghia Sophia and Cathedral of Saint-Front de Périgueux.


La dome Kathedral


L’Arc de Triomphe


Pantheon Temple, Paris


Garnier Opera Building


Sacre Coeur, Paris


Parc De La Villette, by Bernard Tschumi follies


Parc De La Villette, La Géode is a mirrored geodesic dome housing a hemispheric Omnimax theatre.


Hemispheric Omnimax theatre

I recommend you to visit the modern or transformed structures of the city… Here are a few suggestions…

Museum of modern art: the Centre Pompidou

Centre Georges Pompidou which was designed by famous Italian architect Renzo Piano and British architect Richard Roger in 1971 and completed in 1977 was a quite radical building for its time. Reporting on Rogers’ winning the Pritzker Prize in 2007, The New York Times noted that the design of the Centre“turned the architecture world upside down”, referring to its exposed skeleton of brightly colored tubes for mechanical systems.Although it is not as revolutionary as the first Pompidou museum, Centre Pompidou-Metz opened in 2010 in the historical French city Metz in the east of Paris impresses people with its wooden construction and architecture.


Centre Georges Pompidou Modern Art Museum


Centre Georges Pompidou Modern Art Museum


Centre Pompidou Metz


Centre Pompidou Metz

Architects of the museum of modern and contemporary arts Centre Pompidou Metz, Shigeru Ban and Jean de Gastines was inspired by Chinese bamboo hats in hexagonal wooden units used for the roof with 8.000 meter-square surface and 90 meter diameter.

Shopping complex: Les Halles

Les Halles is the traditional shopping center for Parisians. I’m talking about a very old tradition; Les Halles has mostly been mentioned by shopping since the day in 1137 when an open air marketplace was founded there. The complex designed by Patrick Berger in 2004 has become the lively shopping center in Paris again.


Les Halles Vertical Garden

Business center: La Défense

Designed out of the historical texture, La Défense is one of the essential business centers in France and Europe. 10 companies among the largest 100 companies of Europe is in this district. It features the largest business area in Europe built specially for business world. When you go up from the metro, a quite impressive picture will welcome you. La Défense covers architecturally important buildings such as La Grande Arche de la Défense andCentre Commercial.


La Grande Arche de la Défense


La Defense Centre Commercial

Event complex: Docks de Paris

Dominique Jakob and Brendan MacFarlane revised old customs warehouses in a different architectural approach which finally made up an original, aesthetic design in harmony with the river. In Docks de Paris, there are restaurants, cafes, a night club used as a concert hall as well and various shops.

Arab World Institute 

The famous architecture Jean Nouvel whom you may remember from Torre Agbar in Spain interpreted the style called“mashrabiya”, which is widely used in traditional Arab architecture, in a modern way to design Arab World Institute. The architect placed thirty thousand lights on façades via sensitive metal diaphragms. The buildig has remained standing since 1987.


Auto gallery in Champs-Elysées: C42

The French automaker Citroën impress those who see their communications center opened in Champs-Elysées Avenue in 2008. The building designed by the architect Manuelle Gautrand consists of 8 floors with mirrors on ceilings. Every floor has only one car on display.

Exhibition space: La Gaîté lyrique
The present adaptation of the building, which used to be named as Théâtre de la Gaîté lyrique when it was first opened in 1862, dates back to 1989. Transformation works at that time are considered as a complete fiasco in terms of respect for financial and cultural heritage. The place was abandoned 1991. Manuelle Gautrand restored the building completely 20 years later. 9500 square-meter La Gaîté lyrique at the heart of Paris, hosts digital arts events today and reflects the digital age in a historical environment.

Philharmonie de Paris

After the Philharmonie de Paris project which takes place in the park designed by famous French architect Jean Nouvel is completed, Paris will be even more beautiful…





Paris is a poetry, a song… I hope you will explore other aspects of this romantic city…

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