“New Space For The City”; Exhibition at Amsterdam Architecture Center, ARCAM

The symbol of modern architecture in Amsterdam, Amsterdam Architecture Center, attracts people with its exterior design which provides different views on different angles. There is an interesting exhibition these days in this public building…

Every city needs an ARCAM

The modern architecture in Amsterdam which was regarded as”average” in the 1970s and couldn’t satisfy the inhabitants of the city has gone through significant changes since the 1980s. However today, the understanding of modern architecture in the city is quite attractive. And the Architecture Center of Amsterdam ARCAM, which was established in 1986 has undertaken essential missions during and with this process of change. One of them was educating people on the architectural understanding and development of Amsterdam and include the inhabitants in the architecture which cannot go on without people.

There is still space in this city!

ARCAM which celebrates its 25th year continues its mission successfully. Besides their focus on working with young architects, the architecture center in East Port where is undergoing transformation period also holds 5 different exhibitions which can be visited free of charge each year. The concepts of these exhibitions are usually the new developments and understandings in architecture and the architectural history of Amsterdam. The current exhibition”New space for the city” can be visited until 11th June. The exhibition holds an architectural creation calledtemp.architectureurbanism realized upon the cooperation of Maarten van Tuijl and Tom Bergevoet who work on urban transformation.

temp.architectureurbanism underlines the decline in architecture in Holland. They indicate the idle, large and empty spaces and the large number of abandoned buildings in the city to highlight the decline. They also present functional and interesting project recommendations for these spaces in the exhibition. Also recently, this topic was discussed by architects in two different panels and of course the panels were open to the public. You can get detailed information from www.temparchitecture.com.

Three factors considered in the architecture of ARCAM

ARCAM was designed by René van Zuuk and its construction was finished in 2003. It is one of the three museum projects of the architect, others being De Verbeelding and the National Historic Museum. Zuuk stated that he considered three essential factors in its design. First of them is the Maritime Museum in the opposite shore which can be seen from the seafront of ARCAM. This front was consciously formed in a modest way and was designed closer to the water level than the other front.

Secondly, the other front which overlooks at the Prins Hendrikkade Street and covers the entrance of the museum was designed in a different form and higher than the other front. Both of the facades are made of glass; plus, the third face with the other entrance door is also of glass… The last factor the architect paid attention was to establish integrity with a sculptural form in spite of two different fronts. On the parts of the exterior of the building which are not made of glass, aluminum was used. The shape of ARCAM’s building, just a personal observation, as if referring it being waterfront, resembles a water drop when looked from certain angles.

What does it feel?

A very comfortable place was created with the humble understanding of presentation in the exhibition area in addition to the sitting area and desk in front of the window overlooking the sea. Those who longed for a ARCAM for each city can follow architectural studies, panels and exhibitions in their web site:www.arcam.nl

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