No More Lost Sunglasses

How many times did you lose your sunglasses? How many times did they fall from your head? How many sunglasses did you break in your bag because you forget that they are there? Didn’t you get rid of breaking, losing, hanging and scratching them in your bags?

All BÆNDIT sunglasses are bendable and modular. All BÆNDIT pieces are universal, so you can mix and match different colours and styles depending on how you feel!

The flexible stems let you wrap them around your wrist, neck, or even hair, if you don’t want to lose them. Also, they’re hinge-less so you’ll never lose one of those tiny screws again!


if you want to mix up the look, they’re over 100 different color combinations you can create with all of their interchangeable stems, nose pieces, and lenses.

Please watch the videos of the product.







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