No Separate Desks In This Office!

What are there in this interesting office that Teamlab designed for Pixiv, Japanese online community for artists to exhibit their illustration and rate them? a 250 meters long desk that snakes throughout the entire space, block chairs to create co-working spaces, the entryway composed of 3000 placards…

The most interesting thing in the office is the desk. It has been designed for different working areas because the desk cannot be divided. The desk contains cut-out holes allowing workers to privately access and work remotely.


The block chairs which allow the workers to work together are light-weight. They can be easily stacked and moved and putting them after using, the colourful dividing wall-dividing co-working space and the office is created.









The walls of the entryway are composed of 3000 placards. Anyone can draw here and enjoy the fun of drawing—so anyone who visits the office can make their own Picture. It’s simple to take them placards down, draw another picture, and put them back up on the walls. To draw on canvas takes certain degree self-confidence—but anyone can draw on a placard and display their work.

Much more than inspiration, enthusiasm and colour…

aol-teamlab-pixiv-office-entryway-04 aol-teamlab-pixiv-office-entryway-03 aol-teamlab-pixiv-office-entryway-02 aol-teamlab-pixiv-office-10 aol-teamlab-pixiv-office-09 aol-teamlab-pixiv-office-08 aol-teamlab-pixiv-office-07 aol-teamlab-pixiv-office-06 aol-teamlab-pixiv-office-05 aol-teamlab-pixiv-office-04 aol-teamlab-pixiv-office-03 aol-teamlab-pixiv-office-02 aol-teamlab-pixiv-office-01
Images: TeamLab

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