Not a Rock Band name, An A PLUS Living Complex: CASTLE ROCK

Castle Rock, which was started with the investment of the English companyMonarch Court and which carries the architectural signatures ofGökhan Avcıoğlu (GAD) andDara Kırmızıtoprak, is among the new symbols of Bodrum, Turkey.

Castle Rock houses, which get their name from being right in front of Bodrum’s symbol Bodrum Castle, while they get the property for all villas to have a panoramic Bodrum view from another one of Bodrum’s symbols– Halikarnasos Antique Theater, consists of detached villas, a bar, a restaurant and 19 units of different sizes.

Each house which varies between 90 and 400 square meters in size has its own garden and swimming pool and also each room of each house has its own private bathroom.


The houses which provide more than the dreams of having a panoramic view because of their position on a dip slope; also form the landscape. Besides having all of these properties, Castle Rock is an A+ living complex that also has a very harmonious relationship with the nature with its natural stone covered walls, green roofs and gardens.

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