Novum Structures has designed a free formed facade for Ottawa Convention Center

Ottawa Convention Center, Canada’s newest and sofisticated conference hall has taken it’s place in the east coast of Ontario, Rideau Canal. Novum Structures has produced and installed the egg shaped-like geometrical structure (3.345 m2), a free-formed facade of building’s reception. Novum has applied ‘Free Form System’ for the facade that covers the openings on the front side ranging from 1 to 5 floors. In Free Form System, novum has applied HSS steel profiles with operated surfaces, knot points and connection details with bolts. To create horizontal designed form of the facade, partitions created of an equilateral triangles. Also ‘Edge Clamp Glazing’ system has applied, which allows to install glasses of different angles in free formed geometries.

Another big challenge for Novum was delivering the work in schedule since other disciplinary constructions were continuing and giving them a limited working space to work. But at the end, the building has delivered in Schedule and opened to public on 04/18/2012.

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