Gallery Ilayda will be hosting Nurdan Likos’s second solo show from April 4th to May 4th 2014.


‘’In her latest exhibition, Nurdan Likos is influenced from the lives of people around her. Using their portraits she emphasizes a personally unique situation. Before she starts painting, she listens to people like a psychologist. She is learning how these events affected them and how they freed themselves and moved on. After that, Nurdan Likos creates a fiction-reality combination based on her reaction and literality of the story she had been told. This new fiction appears in a repetitive concept. This repetitiveness is new to Likos’s works and the reason for this repetition is not just to express the plastic thought alone but to include the search for a reality in fiction. In order to understand this reality concept, we have to understand the lives of the people she was influenced. On the background of the paintings, there are positive or negative experiences that stretch through a period of time. Without losing the parallel link to reality, Likos’s interpretations gain a different dimension where the repetition comes in. From now on the reality is morphed and we are in either a parallel universe or dimension created by the artist. This morphed reality appears to be the result of the same action happening in a different dimension. Likos creates a timeless and spaceless environment by using an everyday object’s repetition. This is the start of the long journey ahead of her. In her compositions, the way she uses objects, stance and interpretation of the figures opens the door to the wonderland. Women figures stand like an aristocrat or a queen. Non of them looks like an ordinary person. They have the power to overcome the problems with various solutions.


In the exhibition, the artist brings out the reality and perception. There is not just one perception, because everyone perceives the reality differently. We can say that reality touches to the perception during it’s free fall.


Likos uses the same 6 colors obsessively in all her paintings. Those colors are pink, blue, yellow, green, black and white. She didn’t start out based on the cultural norms; however, she got influenced by them. Therefore, pink represents the female and blue represents the male. According to Likos, female figure also represents the geography. The artist keeps the light and dark balance in her paintings. Black and white represents yin and yang. Good and the bad that follows each other consecutively. This rhythm is not solely about the colors but also about the rhythm of life.


Nurdan Likos is like a storyteller. In each canvas the story is unique to the figure in the painting. She offers her feelings and opinions about these stories which are always about women. She is not a feminist, yet she tries to get your attention on women and life with delicacy. She emphasizes and brings them out front with an effective presentation. She reminds the viewers the solution to their problems using their stories in her paintings.’’

Hülya Küpçüoğlu

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