OKI White Toner Printer

From OKI, one of the pioneers of the innovations on digital prints, a new product: The first LED white toner printer.The special feature of this printer is creating white print on different materials directly or via transferring medias.

OKI presents chance for uncomplicated and non-specialist print by adding digital A4 and A3 white toner printer to its range of products. These new printers provide institutions or people top rint white press to colourful papers directly or to different materials indirectly (via transfer medias) and this makes cheaper and easier press.

These printers make the institutions print in the institutions themselves that they had to have the prints outside. Quick, easy and cheap print has also another advantage: These prints are more resistant than the ones done by ink jet printers.

OKI printers are also suitable for individual use. Special presents for special people. You do not have to be an expert to make unique t-shirts, accessories and gift packages!


C711WT A4 Printer
Color Printing Speed: 8ppm (acetate), 34ppm (plain paper)
Resolution: 1200x600dpi
Processor Speed: 533 MHz
Language: PS3
Paper Input: (Main Tray + MPT): 530 + 100
Max Paper Weight: 220gsm Tray, 250gsm MPT
Maximum Paper Size: A4
Dimensions (yxgd): 389 x 435 x 547mm
Time to first print: 9 seconds
Toner life (color / white): 11,500 / 6,000 pages

C920WT A3 Printer
Color print speed: 10ppm (acetate), 31ppm (plain paper)
Resolution: 1200x600dpi
Processor Speed: 800MHz
Language: PS3
Paper Input: (Main Tray + MPT): 530 + 230
Max Paper Weight: 216gsm, Tray, 300gsm MPT
Maximum Paper Size: A3 and SRA3 (can go up to 328 x 457mm)
Dimensions (HxWxD): 471 x 654.5 x 623m
First page print time: 5.10 seconds
Toner life (color / white): 15,000 / 8,000 pages

For More; Oki.com.tr

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