Olivium Villas in Bodrum by Alhadeff Architects and SdARCH Trivelli& Associati

Olivium Villas by (Alhadeff Architects and landscape by SdARCH Trivelli& Associati) presents the blending of a modern Mediterranean style with an international flare.
It is a marriage of minimalist dimensions and warm Mediterranean materials. Olivium Villas applies a unique design sensibility to the highly evolved definition of an exclusive Turkish vacation development. Individual houses complement the natural environment, accentuating the dramatic play of mountain, sea and sky.

They have been positioned to make optimum use of existing mature olive trees and other flora
as well as the unique opportunities provided by challenges of gradient. No two houses are alike and no two vistas are the same. Five distinct housing typologies create a coherent interplay of stucco and stone, transparency and sky, hillside and waterscape. Terraced living spaces inspire the unusual positioning of pools and courtyards, indoor and outdoor living areas that challenge the normal layout of living on different levels.

Photography by Andrew Twort

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