ONYX Sofa by Pierre Gimbergues

3 meters long Onyx sofa is an interesting design made from carbon and Volvic lava. A curved sofa designed by Pierre Gimberguesfor Peugeot Design Lab.

Volvic Stone has spent thousands of years by filtering water source before being hand cut and combined with high technology carbon, the result is structured and technical frame.


Straight cut, hiper tech. materials, carbon, fiberglas, aluminum, rock, wood, cyristal stones… Natural raw materials, a special work and surprising design.

aol-peugeot-design-lab-onyx-sofa-02 aol-peugeot-design-lab-onyx-sofa-04 aol-peugeot-design-lab-onyx-sofa-05 aol-peugeot-design-lab-onyx-sofa-06 aol-peugeot-design-lab-onyx-sofa-07 aol-peugeot-design-lab-onyx-sofa-08

Images: Peugeot Design Lab

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