Other Colours Except For Red in Syria

A volunteer team of young Syrian students led by Salmo Al-Batal: “jood”.


They are trying to create a new aspect to the city which is famous for blood-red in the colours these days . The team proves that there are other things except for war, anger, hate and greed in Syria by painting the longest stairs of the city.

aol-salmo-al-batal-jood-stairs-02aol-salmo-al-batal-jood-stairs-03 aol-salmo-al-batal-jood-stairs-04 aol-salmo-al-batal-jood-stairs-05 aol-salmo-al-batal-jood-stairs-06 aol-salmo-al-batal-jood-stairs-07 aol-salmo-al-batal-jood-stairs-08 aol-salmo-al-batal-jood-stairs-09 aol-salmo-al-batal-jood-stairs-10

Images: https://www.facebook.com/jood.dairatieh

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