Pachacamac Hill House

Architects:Longhi Architects
Location: Pachacamac, Peru
Site Area: 5,000 sqm
Constructed Area: 480 sqm
Photographs: CHOlon Photography, Elsa Ramirez

The response at the site of intervention was to”bury” the house on the hill, trying to create balanced dialogue between architecture and landscape, where the relations of outside and inside become constant interpreted the materiality of the work, appreciating through the light and dark sense of protection and shelter of the house.

Conceived in three levels, two of them buried in the ground and the slope of the hill, the house plays with indoor and outdoor spaces, with volumes and light airy rooms offering, with holes drilled in their walls, or with appendages that arise from they are prolonged and create a table or platform.

It is a house where the asymmetry creates harmony, highlighting a major study and understanding of the environment and space by architect.

In the construction combining reinforced concrete with stone walls, passing the house, part of the landscape of the hill. The colors, the concrete, cold sober, combined with wood as a soft texture and a hint of color to highlight certain areas. As the only main feature in the landscape surrounding stands on one end, the glass tower, illuminated at night that evokes a beacon that guides the traveler…


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