Parco Acque ai Cappuccini by Simone Micheli

Italian architect Simone Micheli has completed a new wellness center in the Park Hotel ai Cappucciniin Gubbio, Italy.

With it’s giant greenish yellow sculptures and blue lightings that accentuates the focus on water, the Parco Acque ai Cappuccini pool area designed in a cartoon-like manner.

The place is designed in two sections: the first is a 350 m2 open access space, called Acque Emozionali. This space holds a swimming pool with lanes for swimming, a children’s pool, countercurrent swimming, and hydromassage area with a temperature of 30°C. The second space is more intimate and private, The Hydromassage Room, which features a circular hydromassage, an ark shaped hydromassage that uses magnesium and potassium enriched water and a thalassic tub.

Designer Simone Micheli has obviously tried to reach the iner child of the visitors due to help developing wellness for people’s health.

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