Park House by Shaun Lockyer Architects

Australian architecture office Shaun Lockyer Architects have completed the Park House in Brisbane, Australia.

In a beautiful park-side location in inner city Brisbane, The Park House is build as a dramatic alteration and addition to what was originally a speculative ‘cookie cutter’ style house in a larger development.

The house is primarily design keys are to associate with living and lifestyle. The first and foremost altered area is the kitchen / living / dining which has been redesigned to optimise the indoor / outdoor living experience.

The second area is a more dramatic addition of the ‘Park Room’ on top of the existing living areas which personifies the best of subtropical indoor / outdoor living. This addition afforded the opportunity to introduce a number of voids and volumetric devices that link the different levels, which are also letting the light to penetrate deep into the existing living spaces.

Photography by Scott Burrows

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