PASSAGE, Art International Art Fair

New York based artist Sheila Pepe creates a space that invites the public to take a break, contemplate, discuss and consider the nature of the context: the Art International İstanbul fair. Visitors, leave their shoes and sit inside Pepe’s work to rest quietly or talk about what they have seen, will see, perhaps they might ask each other what they will eat for their next meal, if it is time to have a tea, a coffee or carry on with the looking.

The architectural passage that is space F 7 will be transformed with handmade textiles designed for use, and aesthetically installed to blend public with private space. The work points to methods of looking at, and living with art in the world and in our homes.

PASAJ’s main aim is supplying a space for artists who stand out of the mainstream, especially those who are not supported by the art market. PASAJ believes that their inclusion in commercial art fairs makes visible different structures and economies in the global art world. It has participated in a number of international art fairs previously, including Contemporary İstanbul and the Bosphorus Art Fair; they will continue this practice in name of visibility.

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