Pearl Lam is in Istanbul!

‘Art International Istanbul  September 26 – September 28, 2014

Pearl Lam, the owner of the Pioneer art galleries in Asia continent is coming to Istanbul for ‘Art International Istanbul’ at Halic Congress Center in September. The Hong Kong, Shangai and Singapore based galleries known for their reputation about presenting the famous artists’ works from all over the world.

Pearl Lam Photographer William Louey Pearl Lam
Photographer William Louey

Lam, who is one of the most powerful and ambitious women in color world, presented the Far  East mystery by being interested in  Chinese artists’ works since 1993. That is why ‘Pearl Lam’ is known for her relationship between China and Eastern countries.

While the famous curator was preparing the concept to Turkish art lovers, we met and have a nice conversation with her. We had the chance to know her better before Art International Istanbul.

Yasemin Semercioğlu: Where were you born? How was your environment. 

Pearl Lam: I was lucky that I was born in wealth, I am a daughter of a rich family. Their jobs were related to hotels and banking, so I lived however I wanted.

YS: Was there an artist or an event  making you decide that you would choose art? 

PL: I cannot say that there was a specific artist or a designer but I was born in a house decorated outstanding tables. My mother was interested in them, she was following old and new art of painting.

YS: Did you get what you had wanted before starting this work as a profeesional? 

PL: When I opened my first exhibition in Hong Kong in 1993, I did know what I wanted exactly. It must be an olio combining the old and new east and west. At last, our exhibition was a distinctive one reflecting those kinds of designs.

YS: How brave you were while you were opening an art gallery in Chine because there was not another one! Haven’t you been afraid of being unsuccessful? 

PL: No, I wasn’t. But the situation was like this not because I was a rich family daughter, but because I foresaw China would be an art center in the future. It was just a foresight..

YS:  What did you do for your country’s art perspective, what did you achieved at your work?

PL: I can tell that  ‘The Founder of Contrast Chains of ‘Chinese Art. I believed that I achieved because we have created a new form and a visual language combining preserving our traditions while reflecting western lines. This is a description of Contemporary Chinese Art at the same time. A kind of transformation!

YS: What should we understand about Chinese art? 

PL: It is inevitable that our art perspective like other sountries is affected by Western Art . Of course it has been constucted over distinctive Chinese colours and patterns. And the result is a style affected and reinterpreted by Western art. It is not possible to create a style combining Western Breeze. At first, you should understand and interpret that culture and traditions.

Pearl Lam Photographer William Louey Pearl Lam
Photographer William Louey

YS: What scares you most when you see the art of painting course? 

PL: Like other art fields, ‘copying’ and uniform, commercial art works…

YS: Does selling the art works, more precisely, deciding the value of an art work in terms of a meta upset you as a dedicated person? 

PL: Of course it does! Because an art work is not created for commercial purposes, it is created for art and culutre.

YS: How is your team for the Art International Fair in September?

PL: At first, there will be Chinese artists who will be liked by Turkish art lovers. I believe that each artist develops a new visual language such as Li Tianbing, Zhu Jinshi- master of abstract style, Sayaka Ishizuka- japanese installationer and Su Xiaobai- one of the most important Contemporary Chinese artist…

YS: As far as I know, there will be artists from other countries besides these designers…

PL: Spanish abstract artist Loreta benito Franco, Portuguese Joana Vasconcelos and Puerto Rican Carlos Rolan.

YS: How would you feel if our artists welcomed you when you would come here in September? 

PL: I would be very thankful! I will wait them… I supported Mehmet Ali Uysal when he opened an exhibition in Shangai.

YS: Who is your favourite artist? Who is your best?

PL: Of course Leonardo Da Vinci! A great mind and ability of him as an artist and an engineer. It is natural to admire him…

YS: Why Turkey while there are a lot of capitals? 

PL: I feel close when I compare Chiese and Turkish art. And I realized that Turkey does not know Chinese Art very well. We do not know you well, too. I wanted to Pioneer a cultural Exchange. Your country is also a bridge between East and West, and this is exactly what I need in art.

YS: According to you, what are the lacking points at Turkish art? 

PL: To disown your older art works as we do. And I believe that you should blend your great historical works with a contemporary perspective.

YS: Your name is the at the top of the Art Intertaional Fair news list in Turkey. How do you feel? 

PL: It is great to be understood and cared. Thank you very much to journalists in Turkey.

Thank Pearl Lam very much for her nice conversation. We are looking forward to visiting on September 26.

I want to add a footnote below this conversation;

We also learn during our conversation that Pearl Lam has three great houses in three great cities. Especially the one locating in London is the best for its decoration. It is a flat and locates in one of the luxurious buildings her mother designed. In her house locating in Shangai, there is a table for 66 people! She accepts that she is famous for her invitations. But she doesn’t always invite famous people. She likes people who have got something to say important. 

She realized that she is Chinese when she went to Shangai! She says “I supposed that just my grandmother sat on Chinese furniture.” Later, she learnt that they are invaluable. That is why they have got 1940s furniture of the eastern and western designs. Their decoration was done with egzotic materials such as peacock feather and camel.  Their living room was a mysterious place with its bright walls as a jewelry box. There were some deep mirrors. That is why she is not standard. She describes herself as a ‘modern antique lover’ and she says that she cannot live in another place. 

Lam will make herself, the artists and Art International Istanbul unforgettable…

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