Peter Kogler Exhibition “Unlimited”; at Dirimart Gallery, Istanbul!

Among the incoming mails, an invitation of an exhibition caught my attention. As we’re painting on illusions with my students this exhibition fit very well on our subject. And I immediately decided to write about it! Who am I talking about? PETER KOGLER, an Austrian artist who draws the viewer directly into the painting, who is the most famous name of his generation in contemporary art… The art of Peter Kogler is based on the concept of architectural spaces that oscillate between fiction and reality, between painting and large format video, in a world composed of signs and ideograms.Dirimart, which has hosted many local and foreign artists, is now hosting Peter Kogler in its gallery.

I should say that it will be an interesting exhibition. Kogler will exhibit his installation he designed for Dirimart, which aims to change the perception of space. The artist covers every facet of the art gallery with his designs and tries to differentiate the surfaces and confuse the perception of the viewer. You will find yourself in another world and go through new experiences!

The Austrian artist who lives and works in Vienna uses the computer as a tool for his art since the first years of developing digital printing techniques. Kogler uses some motifs such as ants, brains and pipes as the elements forming a large structure; just like pixels aligned side-by-side and on top of each other.

In this exhibition of Peter Kogler, the viewer’s position has a very important role. Viewer’s perception is tested in a limited space. The space loses its spatialness with the raster motif the artist designed and draws the viewer direclty into the picture.

This exhibition is not the first exhibition of Kogler in our country. He worked with young artists for”Lives and Works in Istanbul” as a part of Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture Projects and in Tophane-i Amire Culture Center, he exhibited his carpet installation design especially for the place. Video installation”Istanbul’s Rythme” in Akbank Sanat;”Operation Room” exhibition in American Hospital Art Gallery and 1989 Istanbul Biennial… Lastly this month, his exhibition called”Untitled” will take place in Drimart on between 2nd April-10th May.


Peter Kogler, Istanbul 2010, MSGSU Tophane Cultural Center

Kogler’s works are not only seen in galleries and museums, but also in public places. Peter Kogler appears before us everywhere, as he seeps into the life! Parks, streets, art fairs, skate parks, airports, and building facades…

He builds new worlds in his exhibitions with projectors that are able to move 360 degree around. The exhibition space turns into a virtual experince and sound embodies the viewer with design of images. Adding an auditory aspect to the works amazingly increases their effect. Sound design of sound artist Franz Pomassl accompanies to the installations.

Peter Kogler lectures on computer and video art in master level as a professor in Vienna University of Fine Arts. The exhibition in Istanbul is starting tomorrow and I am so exhited!

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