Photography Art; D U T C H L A N D S C A P E

D U T C H L A N D S C A P E, Landscape and Fine Arts photography by Hans de Rooij.

Hans de Rooij is in to photography for about 30 years now, started with a praktica slr in de 70’s.Today he uses the Nikon d2x with pro lenses. Every time when he comes home from a photo trip he is amazed by the quality of the photo’s this camera can take.


The Dutch landscape is his playground, walking along the Dutch rivers and trough the woods waiting for the magic light of the morning or just before sunset.


In his website you’ll find some examples of his photo’s, if you want to see more or buy a print go to the store via more photo’s and see the tips and tricks for some Nikon related techniques…

Enjoy your visit.

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