Pied à Terre by Unknown Architects

“Pied à Terre” is the name of a great work by removing all the non-authentic parts of this monument to bring back the authentic character and spatial clarity. Three fixed multifunctional furniture elements were added in order to create a home ambiance to the clients travelling a lot when they come back.

The ground floor functions as office, bedroom and kitchen providing lots of activities such as cooking, eating, talking and reading as “heart of the house”. On the second floor, there are another bedroom and bamboo furniture to enlarge storage places.


To form a contrast, some details such as uncovered ceilings are kept in the house transformed into a practical, comfortable and aesthetic living space.

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Location: Leiden, Netherlands

Gross Floor Area: 75 m2

Client: DoorZigt B.V.

Contractor: BOUWBEDRIJF Degewij

Images: Raoul Kramer / Unknown Architects


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