Pirate Ship Bedroom

Designed by Steve Kuhl, this custom Pirate Ship Bedroom is just for the adventurous parents and their kids. Under the brand Kuhl Design&Build, which has started in 1999 by Steve Kuhl and Dan Murphy, this special project offers your child a vast and new world of countless memories with many moments of creativity and imagination.


The room is equipped even with a bridge that connects to the ship while your enemies are after you! And if the fight gets serious, you can quickly escape by climbing down! Because there is this rope to your closet below that has your secret weapon! After defeating your enemies you can take the helm and set sail again!
Do not limit yourself! If I were you, I’ll also place some giant pillows to the floor… Who says pirate ships can’t fly?!



AOL_Pirate_Ship_Bedroom_Steve_Kuhl_11 AOL_Pirate_Ship_Bedroom_Steve_Kuhl_10 AOL_Pirate_Ship_Bedroom_Steve_Kuhl_09 AOL_Pirate_Ship_Bedroom_Steve_Kuhl_02 AOL_Pirate_Ship_Bedroom_Steve_Kuhl_03 AOL_Pirate_Ship_Bedroom_Steve_Kuhl_04 AOL_Pirate_Ship_Bedroom_Steve_Kuhl_05 AOL_Pirate_Ship_Bedroom_Steve_Kuhl_06

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