Placebo Pharmacy by Klab Architects

Greek architecture practice Klab Architects (kinetic lab of architecture) have designed this large (600m2) supralocal pharmacy in the vision of a virtual building.

The building is located on Vouliagmenis Avenue, an urban artery. The octagonal shape of the existing structure was re-formed into a cylinder in order to create a spiral which seeks to converse with the avenue.

The panels of the façade are perforated using Braille, which both alludes to the system’s use on pharmaceutical packaging and boosts visibility by allowing the light to find its way into the interior.

Inside, the product display mirrors are lined into circular forms and the upper level extends the dynamism of the exterior spiral into the interior space.

The Pharmacy is arranged over two floors, the ground floor being the primary shop space with the upper mezzanine floor consisting of ancillary office space used as a temporary surgery for visiting health professionals.

The radial pattern of the building gives a natural flow to the space and allows light deep into the center of the plan at all times throughout the day.

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